Discover the steps I've taken to go from 'just starting out' in 2017, to reaching a million pounds in revenue in 5 years. 

What worked, what didn’t and what I’d do differently if I was starting over again tomorrow.

A 90 minute candid chat, warts and all, of the steps I’ve taken to go from ‘just starting out’ in my coaching business in 2017, to reaching a million pounds in revenue in 5 years.

PLUS accompanying Trello board that lays out 50+ insights, ideas and strategies.


People often ask if they can pick my brains: How I got started and the things that have been the most pivotal in the growth of my business


In this on-demand candid video, I share candidly everything I've done in the last 5 years to go from £300 for 6 coaching sessions to up to £1000/hour.

What worked brilliantly, what was painful and what I’d do differently if I was starting over today.

You'll also unlock a Trello board packed with 50+ tips, ideas and insights that you can apply to your business.

Combined, you'll have the exact steps I’ve taken across the different stages of growth; the first 18 months, years 2-3 and years 4-5.


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I help female entrepreneurs scale their business through heart centred transformation 

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It has been so exciting to see this be so popular with new and established coaches alike in the last few weeks but I had to think long and hard about the best way to share it. This really is everything I have learned on my journey so far, it's powerful stuff. Which means I want to make sure it only gets into the hands of the right people. 

So instead of simply putting it behind an opt in, to get access, all you need to do is pay £25 to make a commitment to taking everything you're going to learn and turn it into action.



Here's what you're getting

You’re getting the 90 minute recording of my ‘good, bad, ugly’ session plus access to the accompanying Trello board that shares 50+ ideas, insights and strategies you can apply to your coaching or consulting business.

Tuesday, December 7th 12AM PT / 3PM ET

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Get access today for £25